Single Adults

Great Hills has 2 coed opportunities for you to get connected to on Sunday mornings starting at 9:30am. Below are Connect Group listings effective 6/1/23.

 Connect Group Classes:

  • YOUNG ADULT SINGLES (20s and 30s) - Room C242
  • EAGLE'S WINGS/ADULT SINGLES (age 55+) - Room C216


  • LADIES & SINGLE MOMS' CONNECT GROUP/Amy Woodby (40-55) - Room C217 
  • LADIES CONNECT GROUP/Barbara O'Chester (age 55+) - Room C218


Adult Connect Group Classes

If you're interested in joining a Connect Group on campus or virtually, click here to contact us.

V= Virtual Only Group, H= Hybrid (Virtual and On-Campus) Group, C= On-Campus Only Group


Young Adults  
C242 Young Adult Singles (20s and 30s) (C) Alex D'Amico & Christina Cavazos
C246 Young Adult Couples (20s and 30s) (C) Kyle Townsend & James Wesolek
C244 Young Adult Couples (30s and 40s) (H) Greg Bennett & Trey McElfish
Married / Single (40-55)  
A327-329 (H) Velu Kadirvel
Married / Single (55-70)  
A168 Single Adults (H) Randy Gordon
A144 (H) John Bailey
A158 (H)  
A305-307 (H) John Murray
A315-317 (H) Ken Farmer
A146 Single Adults (C) Roy Hogan
C170 Ladies Only (C) Barbara O'Chester
Married / Single (70+)  
A166 (H) Billy Sanders
A146 Single Adults (C) Roy Hogan
Specialty Groups  
C217 Ladies & Single Moms (H) Amy Woodby
A303 (H) Spanish Speaking  Antonio Ramos
Discover Great Hills New Members Class (H)