Single Adults

Great Hills has 2 coed opportunities for you to get connected to on Sunday mornings starting at 9:30am. Below are Connect Group listings effective 6/1/23.

 Connect Group Classes:

  • YOUNG ADULT SINGLES (20s and 30s - Room C242
  • EAGLE'S WINGS/ADULT SINGLES (age 55+) - Room C216


  • LADIES & SINGLE MOMS' CONNECT GROUP/Amy Woodby (40-55) - Room C217 
  • LADIES CONNECT GROUP/Barbara O'Chester (age 55+) - Room C218


Adult Connect Group Classes

If you're interested in joining a Connect Group on campus or virtually, click here to contact us.

V= Virtual Only Group, H= Hybrid (Virtual and On-Campus) Group, C= On-Campus Only Group


Young Adults  
C242 Young Adult Singles (20s and 30s) (C) Gary Hendrickson/Christina Cavazos
C246 Young Adult Couples (20s and 30s) (C) Kyle Townsend
C243 Young Adult Couples (20s and 30s) (C) James Wesolek
C244 Young Adult Couples (30s and 40s) (H) Greg Bennett
Married / Single (40-55)  
A327-329 (H) Velu Kadirvel
Married / Single (55-70)  
A168 Single Adults (H) Randy Gordon
A144 (H) John Bailey
A158 (H)  
A305-307 (H) John Murray
A315-317 (H) Ken Farmer
A146 Single Adults (C) Roy Hogan
C170 Ladies Only (C) Barbara O'Chester
Married / Single (70+)  
A166 (H) Billy Sanders
A146 Single Adults (C) Roy Hogan
Specialty Groups  
C217 Ladies & Single Moms (H) Amy Woodby
A303 (H) Spanish Speaking  Antonio Ramos
Discover Great Hills New Members Class (H)