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ESL at Great Hills offers a bridge from one culture to another! We currently have over 15 different languages represented in this program! Those who are new to the U.S., or even those who have even been here for a while, are invited to join us and learn the English language, American culture, how to study the Bible, and to make new friends. All faiths are welcome.

We offer different levels of instruction ranging from Beginner to Advanced English. Classes are offered in person and online. In person classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Online class times vary based on need and availability. Cost for classes is $10 per person.



In Person classes for ESL at Great Hills are currently full for the Fall 2023 semester and will reopen in the Spring. Please see below for alternative options: 

ZOOM/ONLINE CLASSES: We do have a few spots left in our Zoom/Online Only classes. Please note these classes are NOT held in person. If you are interested in taking your class on the computer, please email esl@ghbc.org or call us at 512-343-7763 ext. 602. 

RIVER CITY HOPE STREET: This is another ESL program located in Cedar Park, and it is still open and available for in person classes. You can register by clicking HERE. Location, time, and other details are available on their registration form. 

WAITLIST FOR ESL AT GREAT HILLS: If you would prefer to be put on a waitlist for open in person spots at Great Hills, please email esl@ghbc.org or call us at 512-343-7763 ext. 602



  • August 29 and 31: In Person Registration from 9:30am-12:30pm at Great Hills. 
  • September 5: Fall Semester Begins
  • November 16: Fall Semester Ends

Interested in Volunteering?

If you're looking to volunteer at GHBC, ESL at Great Hills is a perfect place to start! There is a variety of areas where you can serve, including but not limited to, teaching, assistant teaching, online teaching, and bringing food and snacks. You can register to help HERE. Please note that you do NOT need to know more than one language to help!


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