Adult Ministries at Great Hills

We offer many opportunities for Adults of all ages and phases of life to engage in community and grow in their knowledge and love of God, and learn how to walk with Him together.

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Connect Group Classes

If you're interested in joining a Connect Group on campus or virtually, click here to contact us.

V= Virtual Only Group, H= Hybrid (Virtual and On-Campus) Group, C= On-Campus Only Group

Young Adults  
Young Singles (20-35) C242 (H) Pittman/Jackson/Cavazos
Young Married C246 (H) Josh Stephens
Parents of Preschoolers C247 (H) Ken Cotton
Parents of Pre-Teens C243 (H) Greg Bennett
Parents of Teenagers C248 (H) Daniel VanCleave
Married / Single (40-55)  
(Ladies Only) A164 (H) Amy Woodby
A329 (H) Gary Wakefield
C244 (H) Velu Kadirvel
Married / Single (55-70)  
A331 (Single Adults) (V) Randy Gordon
A144 (H) John Bailey
A158 (V) Ron Baker
A305-307 (H) John Murray
A315-317 (V) Ken Farmer
A166 (Single Adults) (H) Roy Hogan
Married / Single (70+)  
A168 (H) Billy Sanders
A150 (Men only) (C) Art Mosely
A146 (C) Ernie Woodby
Specialty Groups  
Spanish Speaking A303 (H) Ramos/Flanagin
Adult Special Friends A140 (C) Pearl Thorp
Foundations Discipleship A148 (C) Dave Brandt
English as a Second Language A160 (C) Cammack/Peterson
Single Moms A142 (H) Michelle Reid
Discover Great Hills (New Member Class) C241 (H) Leighton Forshee
Portuguese Bible Study A319 (C) Ademir Simoes
Ethopian Bible Study A162 (C)  


Adult Ministry Staff

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Ross Hartsfield
Education Pastor
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Diane Eppler
Education Admin
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Daniel VanCleave
Young Adult Pastor
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Jenifer Wakefield
Women's Ministry Director
Christina Cavazos
Young Adult Admin
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Kaitlyn Kennedy
Women's Ministry & Worship Admin