Text these Keywords!


For Church-wide updates & messages, text GHBC

For Connection, text CONNECT

For new music & playlists, text WORSHIP

For Baptism, text BAPTISM

For signing up for Discover Great Hills, text DISCOVER

For prayer, text PRAYER

For easy tithing, text GIVE

For general church info, text INFO


For info on ESL at Great Hills, text ESLGHBC

To join the Student Ministry texting group, text STUDENTS

For Missions updates, text MISSIONS

Why are we using Powered By Text?

We want to communicate better! We want you to know what's happening & feel better connected with your church!

  • All texts come from one number “70736” so you know who is sending the texts. (You can save the number if that makes it easier!)
  • Ability to monitor the texts sent in one text thread so you aren't trying to keep up with multiple message threads. 
  • Church-wide texts unify the message so everyone hears the same information making messages clearer for everyone.
  • Specific ministry texts tailored only to the ministries from which you want to receive texts. Keep up to date on what you are involved in.

  1. Texting is the most accepted communication medium. It is the best, easiest, most efficient & most timely method we have to communicate information to our congregation
    1. Most often opened – 98% open rates for text messages
    2. Most rapidly read/Most often replied to
      1. A text message has a 95% chance of being read in the first 3 minutes of its sending, so the recipient would receive the urgent information in a much more timely manner, enabling him/her to adjust his/her schedule accordingly.
      2. Emails or voicemails can sit in an inbox and not be read or heard for days, so any important, urgent information, like an emergency cancellation, remains unknown.
    3. 90% of people prefer a text message over a phone call.
  1. Most effective way to communicate in an emergency, communicate a schedule change, etc.
    1. Emergency messages – weather, power outages, etc. that might cause a cancellation
    2. Schedule changes in the church’s services.
  1. Can opt-in and opt-out of texting groups any time you desire
    1. Want to know what the students are doing? Opt in to their ministry’s text! (See Keywords Above)
    2. Moving and no longer need to receive texts from GHBC? Just opt out!
  1. Other information can be disseminated as well
    1. Important Pastor’s videos
    2. Sermon notes & takeaways from the previous Sunday
    3. Sermon notes & updates for upcoming Sunday


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GHBC SMS Privacy Policy

By subscribing, you have provided us with consent to send you text messages regarding Great Hills Baptist Church events. Message frequency varies by events/preference. Message and data rates may apply. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undeliverable messages. If your phone does not support MMS, you’ll receive SMS instead.


If you wish to stop receiving text messages from Great Hills Baptist, reply to any text message and in the reply, text STOP. You may also stop text messages by calling us at 512-343-7763 or emailing us at dgonzales@ghbc.org.


If at any time you need our contact information on how to stop text messages, reply to any of our text messages and in the reply, text HELP. Upon receiving your text message, we will send you a text message with this information. In general, the messages we send provide you with information about our upcoming events, new content, and other announcements. Some of the text messages we send may include links to websites. To access these websites, you will need a web browser and internet access.


This program is supported by Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undeliverable messages. Products and services are compatible with AT&T handsets.


We respect your privacy and will not distribute your mobile phone number to any third parties.