This Week at Great Hills

May 26, 2023

Greetings. It is with excitement today that I bring you news of a new hire, and a staff restructure at Great Hills. But before we outline this new direction, I have a few items to mention:
Summer Camps are right around the corner, and I just heard there is a greater need this year for camp scholarships. We want every family to feel freedom to send their youth our kiddos to camp without putting financial strain on their family. Consider sponsoring a student. It could be one of the best $350 investments you ever make.
Pastor Danny and the Paul’s Missionary trip group arrived safely and are making their way through biblical realities every day.
Ok, I need you to Buckle up! 
In an effort to foster stronger multi generational ministry and also balance the load of leadership, we are shifting to a leadership team of four pastors overseeing four age or life-stage specific areas. 
This Ministry Leadership Team will be made up of these four roles:
Family Pastor, Young Adult Pastor, Discipleship Pastor, and Senior Adult Pastor
These four positions will be equal in authority and work together to represent all life stages and generations represented in the body. The pastors serving in these roles will serve on the Lead Team.
Who is filling these roles, and what do they oversee?
Before I continue any further, I need to express how special it was this past Sunday for the gathered church to honor Ross Hartsfield. Wow, standing ovation and all. Much deserved for nearly 27 years and counting of sacrifice and love for this church. Ross will be on this team of four men. He will oversee our senior adult ministry as the Senior Adult Pastor covering ages (60+). He is also going to be able to bring a concentrated emphasis to Prayer ministry, Pastoral Care, and Benevolence ministry. We praise the Lord for Ross and this new assignment!
A new role to Great Hills: Discipleship Pastor. The age range of Mid-30s to late 50s will fall under the direction of this role. This second pillar to our multi generation approach will oversee median age. This pastor will bring a concentrated effort in men’s and women’s ministries, Next Steps (Including DGH). This position is yet to be officially filled, but the Lord has given us favor with a candidate for hire. Ross is still covering this age group and these responsibilities until the position is filled.
Young Adults (HS Graduates - Mid 30s). Gary Hendrickson overseas college/young professional through mid-30s as the Young Adult Pastor. He is already stepping up in these areas of influence, holding up a strong position of leadership on our team as the third pillar mentioned. I’m excited to see our group of young leaders continue to step up in influence of our church family under Gary’s lead. 
Family Pastor position will oversee ministries to families with babies through seniors in high school. Our goal is to see parents partner with the church in discipling their children. The Family Pastor position will be filled by our very own Jeffrey Samplaski. Jeffrey has overseen student ministry since 2017. He has a heartbeat for family discipleship, and while he will continue to oversee students, he will bring this heartbeat in influencing family worship, and family discipleship at home for preschool, children, and student ministries.
We first had to make a hire in order for Jeffrey to be freed up to oversee this new and unique role to Great Hills. Student Director was the role needed to take a next step, and the Lord gave us favor to hire Brandon Pittman to our team. Brandon found his need for Jesus as a result of hearing the gospel through a ministry at Great Hills. He has grown in his faith through discipling relationships here, served as a deacon over the last two years, knows he is called to ministry and will now serve our church as the Director of Students.
We anticipate God’s favor as we bring multi generational voices to the table in our event planning and our pursuit of ministry. Please pray for these men as they pursue God’s design for our families and multi generational ministry. I’m thankful for this team and how God has given us favor in this pursuit. 
Jeff Fair
Executive & Worship Pastor